Three Month Update

Rori is three months old and I'm surprised we've actually made it this far because I just want to eat her up every single day. The faces this child makes are too much.

The past month has, yet again, flown by and she has, yet again, changed so much. The newest development being two tiny little teeth buds popping up in her bottom gum. She drools like a mad woman and gnaws away at her fists all day long. Three months seems so early to be teething to me but it's not too crazy since some babies are even born with teeth. Ouch.

Her tongue has set up a permanent home outside of her mouth now. She is such a little goober with that thing hanging out of her little smirky smile. Licking clothing with it is her new favorite thing to do too. It's the weirdest thing ever and I end up with wet spots allll over my shirts but whatever floats your boat girlfriend.

She's still sleeping through the night every night all swaddled up and in her DockATot. She goes down around 9:30 and wakes up around 7:30 and I'm glad to finally have somewhat of a scheduled timeframe going. I'm still getting questions about our routine so I'll share a post on that soon. You know, before the four month sleep regression when it all goes to shit anyway.

This was the month we also left her overnight for the first time. Trev and I went to New York City for the weekend in the beginning of December because I really miss living there during the holidays when everything is so festive and decorated. So Rori got to have a sleepover at both of her grandparents' houses and she slept through the night for both of them. We just brought her Dock over so it was like she had no idea she was even in a new place. Success!

We're still working on getting her fists to open up so she can actually start grabbing things but man does that girl like to keep them clenched. She looks like she's ready to put up a fight all day long. Tummy time is also a struggle but we've started to put her on a boppy in front of the mirror and that has helped prolong things to a couple minutes instead of a couple seconds.

She weighs twelve pounds, still adores bath time, loves to stand up, hates being in a laid back position when being held (unless she's getting a bottle), has no desire to use a pacifier, thinks the TV is pretty magical, and pretty much is the best thing ever.

I am so grateful for this little girl. Motherhood is so good. So so good.